About us

Since May, 2015 we are an approved Steuerberatungsgesellschaft.

The managing director and tax adviser Anke Engelmann is able to put at your disposal a well-established comprehensive knowledge base, spread over a spectrum of areas, as well as specialised knowledge in the fields of media and freelance artists. In doing so, she supports her authorized signatory, Diana Schreiber. This expertise is complemented by a pool of specialised personnel in accounting, tax consultation, legal advice and auditing, whose proficiency can be called on and adapted to the project in question at any time.


We make tax law understandable and speak your language.

As competent and reliable business associates, it is our philosophy to free our clients of their obligations with regard to every aspect of business management and accounting matters, and by so doing allow them to concentrate 100% on their core business.

If your traditional office worker in a neatly pressed pinstriped suit is what you are after, you are at the wrong address. We are one step ahead in delivering professional results on schedule, flexibly and competently.

We gladly accept challenges and in complicated cases we will try to find an optimal solution for our clients, taking into account their different needs, general conditions and parameters.

By engaging in ongoing education and training we continuously remain on the ball. This benefit is passed on to our clients on a consistent basis.


Education and training is very close to our hearts. That is why we support the Mandeleo Academy in Mwambungo, Kenya under the auspices of ‘Girls Hope’. For every new client we donate an amount to sponsor one pupil for a month.www.girlshope.de